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SNP PREP - Cicaronic Daily Mask (10 Sheets)

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The Cicaronic Complex has been carefully crafted with sensitive skin types in mind. The Cicaronic skin care line is intended to help soothe and restore tired and sensitive skin for faster, stronger, recovery. The addition of high-molecular hyaluronic acid helps maintain skin moisture normally lost through evaporation.

CICA: Soothing & Calming

Made for Exclusively for Sensitive Skin Types

The patented CICA-TRIO Complex engineered by SNP is the main focus of the Cicaronic skin care line. Containing a high content of Tiger Grass (Centiella Asiatica), containing powerful soothing properties that can aid with irritated skin conditions.

Maximum Hydration

The Cicaronic Daily Sheet Mask hydrates deeply with the use of hyaluronic acid, yet feels extremely soft and lightweight on the skin, providing a young, healthy and hydrated look to your skin.


Step 1 - Cleanse your face and apply toner to the skin. Step 2 - Evenly apply the mask aligning with the eyes and lips. Step 3 - Remove after 10 - 20 min. Gently massage and pat in remaining essence.

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