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CELEBEAU is a 'Trendy Makeup Brand'
redefining beauty by applying special women's secret beauty knowhow to sensual
texture and elaborate technology.

  • 1 Celebrities' Beauty'

    We provide a trendy makeup look
    by applying special celebrities
    secrete beauty knowhow.

  • 2 ‘DIAMOND’
    1% Difference.

    a symbol of brilliant shine, nobleness,
    victory and success is contained in all products
    so we provide perfect Radiant Aura
    due to the diffusion of light and the prism effect of blemish coverage.

  • 3 ‘High-quality Serum Fluid'

    Scientifically proven serum fluid
    can be used even for sensitive skin without dryness.
    (completion of clinical test on
    no-irritation for all products)


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  • Secret Neon Lip Tint
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  • Secret Neon Gel Liner
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  • Marble Change Lip
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