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SNP PREP - Cicaronic Skin Care Set (Original value $80)

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Cicaronic Toning Essence

Hypoallergenic mild water formula that has completed rigorous testing for skin irritation and contains skin-friendly ingredients to minimize the stress and sensitivity of your skin.

Cicaronic SOS Ampoule

Intended for immediate specialized skin care for your tired and sensitive skin. The active formula contained inside helps to quickly soothe skin within a week and helps to improve skin energy and vibrance.

Cicaronic Soothing Cream

A highly enriched, high functioning cream that contains intensive moisturizing properties while leaving a soft texture when applied to maintain your skin's natural beauty.

Cicaronic Daily Mask (10 Sheets)

Layered Hyaluronic Acids help provide moisture retention that can aid in maintaining voluminous skin. Various sizes of high molecule, medium molecule, and low molecule hyaluronic acids continue to help with skin moisture.


3-Step Routine

1. Toning Essence – After cleansing, apply an appropriate amount and pat onto skin.

2. 7-Day Ampoule – (a) Tab the upper part of the bottle with your fingertips and move the liquid down the container. (b) Hold each ends of the bottle and gently fold it. (c) After toning your skin, take an appropriate amount and gently apply onto your face.

3. Cream – Apply an appropriate amount and pat onto skin.

Special Use - Sheet Mask - Smooth Cicaronic Daily Sheet Mask evenly onto cleansed face and toned face. Remove after 10-20 mins. Gently pat remaining essence into skin. Follow up with Cicaronic Soothing Cream.

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