"Enjoy your Urban Life" hddn=lab is an urban solution dermacosmetic brand
that researches on the better beauty & life of happy urban women

  • hddn lab Urban Solution Derma & Life Research Institute

    Born from R&D power of SD Biotechnology
    with innovative ideas and excellent products,
    hddn=lab provides definite solutions
    to the urban pollution in your life.

  • hddn recipe NON-STRESS BEAUTY that can be trusted

    With EWG green grading ingredients to care for sensitive skin
    and basis on hypoallergenic prescriptions through allergy testings
    a differentiated recipe of hddn=lab
    brings NON-STRESS BEAUTY to reality.

  • hddn advisor Happy Adviser for HUW (Happy Urban Women)

    With the joy from solutions, formulations, scents, and other new experiences
    and sensory and emotional satisfaction,
    protecting shining beauty of HUWs in tight cities
    is our aim as Beauty&Life Advisors.